Case History

Quality control

Artificial Vision allows  to control the products quality without interfering with the normal production process.

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Vision Guided Robot

The vision system is able to interface with any type of robot or manipulator, supplying information on the  pieces position and orientation  that must be collected or processed on transport lines.

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Non-contact measurements

In the field of non-contact measurements SPECIALVIDEO has realized vision systems capable of measuring with high accuracy lengths, diameters, concentricity, eccentricity, linearity, positions and depth of objects.It's also possible to make non-standard measures (which are not possible with a manual gauge) and composed measures .

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Color recognition

The color vision systems, in contrast to other methods (such as spectroradiometers and colorimeters distance), have several advantages. It allow to perform the analysis in a completely automatic way, without any intervention by the operator

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