Automotive Industry

SPECIALVIDEO develops vision systems for the assembly and the control of components and semi-finished products for the automotive industry. Some examples are: coating projectors lighting control, windshield construction, wheel machining, brake pads construction and installation, etc .... The high quality standards required by this industry is ensured by robust systems provided by SPECIALVIDEO.

Case History

Rims Wheels Classifier

Specialvideo has realized a system for the wheels different types identification present on a single line, and for their orientation measurement and for valve hole identification .

Bin picking

Specialvideo presents a robot guide system for bin picking based on a 3D technology.

Bin picking in a box

Specialvideo has developed a guidance system robot for taking bulk workpieces and folded sheets  in a box (bin picking).

Vision system for robot guide

The robots use  in industrial automation has already widespread thanks to versatility and reliability offered by these devices.

Brakes robot guide

Specialvideo has made several vision systems for the robot guide acts to manipulate brakes or their components.

Glass Robot Guide

The glass industry particularity, with regard to the vision systems, concerns the material transparency . It's difficult to identify the observed pieces characteristics, because of their transparency and reflexivity. It's therefore of fundamental importance to correctly plan the illumination geometry.