Glass Industry

Glass Production is mainly divided into two major parts: the glass and the hollow glass, respectively, for the supply in the automotive / construction industries and for packaging. The use of vision systems in these two macro areas mainly concerns integrity check, shape control, internal bubbles and surface flaws absence, impurities inclusion such as tin or unmelted material.

Case History

Glass ballons check

In order to check defects in glass balloons, Specialvideo has created a machine capable of controlling and ejecting the defective product

Vision system for robot guide

The robots use  in industrial automation has already widespread thanks to versatility and reliability offered by these devices.

Glass Robot Guide

The glass industry particularity, with regard to the vision systems, concerns the material transparency . It's difficult to identify the observed pieces characteristics, because of their transparency and reflexivity. It's therefore of fundamental importance to correctly plan the illumination geometry.

Spot research in glass plates

Specialvideo has developed a vision system for the paint spots detection  that identify defects in primitive  cars glass.