Mechanical Industry

 In the field of mechanical components machining, such as gears, brakes, wheels, etc ... vision systems are used for the semifinished components handling (guides robot) or, more generally, to ensure the quality of the themselves pieces. From the point of view of industrial vision, it is necessary to be able to operate with multiple surfaces types o, both for the materials variety and for manufacturing (rough, polished, painted ...).

Case History

Rims Wheels Classifier

Specialvideo has realized a system for the wheels different types identification present on a single line, and for their orientation measurement and for valve hole identification .

Brass spheres precision measurements

To check the machining tolerances, SPECIALVIDEO has realized a vision system capable of performing high precision brass balls measurements.

Non-contact measurements

In the field of non-contact measurements SPECIALVIDEO realizes vision systems capable of measuring with high accuracy lengths, diameters, concentricity, eccentricity, linearity, depth etc.

Weld bead research

Specialvideo has realized a vision system for weld pipes bead contactless research.

Bin picking

Specialvideo presents a robot guide system for bin picking based on a 3D technology.

Bin picking in a box

Specialvideo has developed a guidance system robot for taking bulk workpieces and folded sheets  in a box (bin picking).

Vision system for robot guide

The robots use  in industrial automation has already widespread thanks to versatility and reliability offered by these devices.

Brakes robot guide

Specialvideo has made several vision systems for the robot guide acts to manipulate brakes or their components.

Taps Robot Guide

Specialvideo has realized a vision system for robot guide in taps component production.