Linear Camera

The linear camera produces an image formed by a single line of pixels. The complete image is built on board of the computer, using the relative movement between the object and the camera. The object movement is usually synchronized through an encoder. The linear cameras are used because they can provide high spatial resolution (line of 1024, 2048, ..., 8000 pixels), resolutions which are difficult to obtain with the matrix cameras. Typical applications concern the control of continuous productions as tissue ribbons or PVC. The images obtained with the linear camera can be processed in the same way as those obtained with matrix cameras, and they can therefore be used for quality control, foreign bodies presence, prints alignment, etc …

Case History

Camera Filter Quality Control

The vision system function  is to control 100% of the pieces in the assembly line, identifying the following defects: net non-welded, hoods mounted incorrectly, glue lack to seal caps, external wires in the junction area

Heatshrink bundles control

Specialvideo has developed a vision system that, when applied during the packaging, allows you to check the  burden completeness.

PVC bobbins impurities check

In order to check the impurities presence in PVC bobbins, Specialvideo has realized a high-speed vision system that can control 100%. of the product.

Spot research in glass plates

Specialvideo has developed a vision system for the paint spots detection  that identify defects in primitive  cars glass.