Our passion for the most innovative technologies is expressed since the first years of our activity.

Already in the early nineties, Specialvideo realized, in addition to 2D systems:

  • 3D systems, with laser projectors designed ad hoc, to search for the weld bead of pipes;
  • systems with self-learning statistics, the techniques that were then at the center of artificial intelligence, for the quality control of blisters and food products;
  • proprietary algorithms for finding the valve hole notch in raw castings of light alloy wheels, still in high performance production;
  • calibrated (precision) measuring systems for the control of keys, also adopting telecentric optics.

Just one year after its foundation, in 1994, Specialvideo implemented the first  robot guidance with conveyor tracking, and expanded the range of technologies with the introduction of linear cameras and color cameras.

In the same years Specialvideo adopted LED lights, which were not yet a standard and therefore required a special card for adjustment and synchronization with the cameras, which were analogue at the time. In the late nineties, the first digital cameras arrived on the market, which Specialvideo adopted for a rapid evolution of its vision systems.

In 2023, Specialvideo has found the strategic partner for the development of the company: G.D S.p.A., a company of Coesia group, which participates with a minority stake.

A rapid succession of new technologies, integrated into our systems year after year, has led us to celebrate 30 years of activity with cutting-edge vision systems.

We thank our team of colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners who make all this possible.