3D Vision Systems with techniques that exploit the third dimension

Relying on techniques that also exploit the third dimension, it is possible to obtain a more complete view of the real scenario, without suffering the loss of information due to the representation in two dimensions of the three-dimensional space.

The ability to also use the height dimension allows us to solve various problems that were unsolvable in 2D, for example, the detection of objects on a non-contrasted background and the accurate calculation of coordinates in space.
We can apply the various approaches of the 3D computer vision: laser triangulation, stereo cameras, structured light pattern projection, and more.

In particular, for an advanced performance, we have developed proprietary laser line extraction algorithms, with:

  • Better resistance to reflections and image noise
  • Possibility of using unclassified lasers
  • Removing the physical protections from the external lights

In addition to the 3D sensors on the market, which are adopted when they offer adequate performance, we also propose the design of a customized “3D sensor” that we develop with the most suitable hardware for the current application. We specifically choose the number of cameras, resolution, laser lines, baselines and angles. Our “3D sensor”, if necessary, can mount Scheimpflug optics. This approach is excellent for a laser triangulation thanks to the depth of field (focus area) aligned with the plane of the object.