The off-line of laboratory systems are used
to achieve maximum measurement accuracy

In the field of non-contact measurements our vision systems are capable of measuring with high accuracy:

  • lengths
  • diameters
  • concentricity
  • eccentricity
  • linearity
  • objects positions
  • depth

It ‘s also possible to perform measurements which are not detectable with the traditional contact methods, as for example deformable pieces by instrument contact or between virtual points, that is calculated by interpolating geometric figures such as straight lines or circles.

Laboratory or off-line systems are employed to achieve the maximum measurements accuracy. The checks carried out on the parts directly on the production line allow you to discard the products immediately out of tolerance. They can prevent the defective parts creation, noting in advance a slow degeneration of the production process, and enabling you to take action before the defect affects the product quality.

Depending on the characteristics of the object to be subjected to the measurement and the degree of precision desired, most appropriate technological choices are adopted to the specific application, such as the use of processing algorithms in the sub-pixels, the use of precise and calibration functions to compensate for perspective distortions.

Even the hardware components (lighting system, cameras, objectives) are chosen on a case by case according to the specific needs.