The robot guide is an artificial vision system
that can guide the robot to perform an action
using the camera

In the industrial field robot guidance systems provide the ability to see objects and then allow to pick up the pieces in random positions or to perform a machining path which is not the default. The use of robots in robotised guides therefore allows to realize automation systems which are extremely versatile and with reduced tooling times.

In order to get the best performance, Specialvideo has developed special calibration algorithms: Calibration is the function which allows the vision system to know the reference system of the robot and, at the same time to correct perspective distortion of the objective. The perspective deformation compensation is required especially in cases in which the camera is positioned close to the pieces, or it is inclined with respect to the work plane.

The robot guidance system, developed by SPECIALVIDEO, can be configured to work with still or moving parts and also with pieces in contact with each other and partially occluded. It can be also equipped with functions for quality control, to detect the presence of defective parts and consequently manage the pieces deviation.

The main application concerns the removal of pieces on the conveyor belt (2D), arranged in layers on pallets (2D multi-layer), or bulk pieces where it is necessary to use three-dimensional techniques (3D).


  • Identification of objects in random position
  • Multi-faceted automation systems
  • Special algorithms to compensate the lens perspective deformation
  • Robot guidance systems for stationary moving parts, or partially occluded
  • Defects detection
  • Management of waste