About the project

  • Applications: Vision Guided Robot
  • Industrial Sectors: Automotive Industry,Glass Industry
  • Technologies: 2D,Matrix Camera
The glass industry particularity, with regard to the vision systems, concerns the material transparency . It's difficult to identify the observed pieces characteristics, because of their transparency and reflexivity. It's therefore of fundamental importance to correctly plan the illumination geometry.

System Functions

Specialvideo has developed different systems for robot guide for the glass industry, with the function to pick and place glass sheets. One of the main applications of these systems is in the automotive industry. The software communicates with the robot through standard protocols. The solutions developed for customers have been integrated with several brands of robots. In some cases the light shielding required an important property, which has been provided by Specialvideo and protects the robotized.

The system is characterized by a simple user interface that allows you to monitor real-time image processing. The images taken by the camera are stored in a cyclic manner to allow a subsequent analysis, in particular with reference to the remote assistance possibility.