About the project

  • Applications: Quality Control
  • Industrial Sectors: Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Technologies: Linear Camera
Specialvideo has developed a vision system that, when applied during the packaging, allows you to check the burden completeness.

System Function

The system function is to ensure the bundles quality discarding those presenting deformations. Among the performed controls we can mention: the bundles dimensional measurement, the presence and position of all the vials (compared to the number and the predetermined position of the good product) and the scrap presence of the bundle sides.

In this case the vision system use allows to remove from the packaging line those burdens which, because of the mentioned defects, can cause the arrest or damage to automatic machines which must subsequently manipulate the products (depalletizing etc. … ).

The algorithms developed by Specialvideo

The vision system uses a linear camera which facilitates the installation on line board, allowing to position the lighting devices without changing the conveying lay-out line.

Among the most important algorithms developed by Specialvideo there is definitely one for burdens self-learning. The operator must activate the self-learning function and insert into the machine a complete and well-formed burden; the system automatically calculates all the benchmarks that will be used in the control phase. The stored parameters recall can be done either in manual or automatic through the PLC line connection.
It should be noted that since it is wrapped material by shrink film, the vials are never arranged exactly in the same position; the system is capable of tolerating these variations thanks to a technique which allows to detect the positions of each bottle and then to analyze the shape of the entire burden.


Defects ntercepted by the system

  • Burdens dimensions
  • presenza e posizione di tutti i flaconi
  • presence and position of all the bottles