About the project

  • Applications: Quality Control
  • Industrial Sectors: Other Sectors
  • Technologies: Linear Camera
In order to check the impurities presence in PVC bobbins, Specialvideo has realized a high-speed vision system that can control 100%. of the product.

System Features

The system was designed in order to verify the PVC impurities presence in different colors reels both transparent and opaque.
A camera moves to a 2000mm width film strip during the coil course that can reach the maximum speed of 2m/s.
Defects are detected up to the minimum size of 1.5 mm in diameter, such as burns, blacks points, foreign bodies also with soft edges.

The system is connected to the machine via an encoder that allows to correctly measure the defects size, even during operation at variable speed.
As the new bobbin start , the system automatically adjusts settings based on the coil opacity, without that the operator have to intervene to change thresholds or parameters.
The system can stop the bobbin in the position where the operator can see the defect, and consequently remove it or mark the coil as non-conforming.
In failure case, the vision system generates alerts that are interpreted and managed appropriately by the machine.
The system includes functions for user management, record production reports (with specified date / time / size / location of each defect) and self-diagnosis functions.

Technical features

  • linear CCD camera with high resolution
  • dedicated lighting system
  • industrial rack containing
  • processing unit
  • operator monitor and keyboard
  • I / O board for interfacing mach
  • watchdog signal to test the system functionality
  • manual operator