More Than
25 Years Experience
In Artificial Vision Industry

We create intelligent and efficient systems
to monitor the quality of your business

Specialvideo operates since 1993 in the computer vision field, it is specialized in the industrial vision systems design for automatic defects detection, non-contact measurement and robot guidance. Since 2004 Datalogic Automation has become the holding holder company with the aim of strengthening synergies for the product range vision sensor evolution. Specialvideo consists of highly qualified personnel employed almost entirely in new applications development.

The company provides advanced technology solutions, tailored to the customer and provided “turnkey”. It also offers a continuous service to its customers, ensuring the proper system and product line functioning.
Specialvideo provides solutions designed specifically for each customer, in order to satisfy all the requirements.

The system is designed so as to provide the necessary performance not only theoretical, but in the real application installed in the production field.
The selection and optimization of the algorithms provides a calculation speed enough to not interfere with the normal production process.

The need to reduce costs and redeploy human resources at different processing stages has pushed more and more companies to use machine vision systems to automate production processes and quality control. Specialvideo provides systems that operate in different industries, such as automotive, pharmaceutical and food industries.

The Specialvideo Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Quality Control

in production line To guarantee reliability

Vision Systems

Vision Guided Robot

able to interface with any type of robot

Vision Systems

Non-Contact Measurements

with high precision lengths, diameters, concentricity

Vision Systems

Color Recognition

when recognize colors is a must

We create intelligent and efficient systems to monitor the quality of your business

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