A customer oriented approach from the preliminary analysis,
to the delivery of the finished project

A look towards
the customers

The project is part of a preliminary study carried out on samples in the laboratory provided by the customer. The good design result is given by the interaction with the customer, because the system is built to meet specific needs then it will be integrated into the production line. The lighting solution is designed right from the initial stages to ensure that the images thus obtained are suitable to perform the required functions. During the vision system construction phase is given to ensure supply over time stability and reliability:

the components choice, algorithms, quality control software, are just a few examples of what you need to do to start with the right foot. In case of malfunction, however, SPECIALVIDEO is able to provide a highly qualified technical assistance service with a particular focus on remote service, thereby reducing the intervention times and the costs charged to the customer.

Let’s look at the main services that we offer to the vision systems design and delivery.

Feasibility Analysis

The first step is a feasibility study, which aims to assess realistically to the opportunity to develop a vision system that performs the functions required by the customer with adequate performance, particularly with respect to the success rates and false positives. Together with the client, analyzing the various solutions, offering the most advantageous solutions from the point of view of the system.

At the end of the analysis, and without any obligation on the customer part, a economical-technical proposal is made.


The system design continues in the laboratory, on the basis of additional samples provided by the customer. The main purpose is to get a good picture, illuminating the pieces as appropriate and follow the signs obtained during the feasibility analysis. It also simulate the line operating conditions taking into account the existing constraints (space available, conveyor belt movement , camera and illuminator position, etc.).

We then move on to choose the most suitable algorithm by choosing, depending on the opportunity, from a large, proprietary library developed in the course of our long experience in this area, or consolidated libraries supplied by third parties or by developing algorithms to measure. Of course, during the algorithms choice, account is taken of those that shall be the required control characteristics and the processing speed.
At the end of this phase, the work of the hardware components choice is concluded and the programming of the software is almost complete; there are only a few details that need to be tuned directly by the customer.

and testing

The system is assembled on the production line and interfaced with other components such as PLC and robot. The next step is to calibrate the system by developing the parameters and the acceptance thresholds for the final test. This is carried out in the presence of the client technicians making sure that the system performs the functions required and the necessary performance. After the successful test, the system is committed to the customers and the services offered by Specialvideo continue through warranty and after sales service.

Technical assistance
and post-sales

Completed the test, Specialvideo continues to offer technical assistance to its customers. Among the services included in the delivery are in fact the warranty on the components and operation on the vision system and remote support activities for up to 12 months of testing. With remote service it can diagnose and correct errors quickly and at no charge to the customer. Through a secure internet connection, the technicians Specialvideo are able to: see the pictures of the parts being produced, intervene on the control parameters and acceptance thresholds, update the software. After the warranty period services are available for scheduled maintenance and on-site service and, of course, the extensions on the period of remote assistance.

Technical assistance service

Other services

Vision systems are supplied with a user manual which describes all the procedures available to operators and customer technicians, where applicable by access levels.Documentation and graphical user interfaces are provided in Italian and / or English, translation services in other languages are available on request.Often Specialvideo organizes training courses for customer technicians, in order to improve their ability to operate independently with the system, for example to carry out the new formats acquisition, products or parameters modification.

Feasibility studies

In more complex cases or where it is not possible to define a priori the vision system features and specifications, Specialvideo provides customers with the know-how, equipment and laboratories, in order to explore the machine vision technology application possibilities available today.In addition, the constant contact with famous Italian universities and important vision laboratories, allows to address the increasingly complex issues with advanced technologies in the image processing.

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